This weekend we held our second UKPSA Sanctioned Long Gun Safety Course of the year, held at Llanbradach Range. Starting Friday afternoon with the help from Josh Jasper, Kevin Miles, Nick Smith and myself. Being quite lucky with the weather we constructed the staged and training area for the start of the course Saturday morning.

Saturday morning started with the students turning up from around  8.30 am for a tea of coffee and ready for a 9.00 am start. After a couple of hours of chatting and the power point presentation we got all our gear ready and headed off to the range. The students quickly picked up on everything they were being taught from Range Commands, muzzle angles, keeping their fingers away from the trigger etc. Luckily we escaped all the bad weather forecast. After what was a long hard day we headed down to the farm house , where we usually stay and use as the classroom for a quick chat and something warm to drink. Some of us were staying at the farm house over night so settled down for the evening with a well earned couple of drinks and a nice take away.

Sunday morning we again started at 9.00am with a re-cap on the previous day and any questions  that needed answering. We then started our trip up to the range with the added company of Hurricane Clara, It was gale force winds and it was lashing it down. Couple more hours of tuition and then onto the stages. Everyone successfully completed the stages by some miracle as the winds were so high it blew the rain into us so hard it would make your skin hurt. 

We headed back to the farm house for hot drinks, change out of our soaking clothed and a de-brief. Myself and Mark Rayner whom i could not have done this course without had a quick chat about the students and then re-joined them to give them the good news that they had all passed the course, few more questions and we were done.

Big thank you to everyone involved especially Mark Rayner

Brian Llewellyn